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Open Call For Volunteers in the Cairo Area

The Naath Community Development Center is actively seeking people in the Cairo area to assist them in their mission to provide quality care to their Sudanese refugee community’s children and offer education in the form of night classes to their parents and other adult members. Due to recent events and the political climate in Egypt, our community has been at times unable to accomplish these missions due to a lack of funds to pay caregivers for the children and teachers for the adults, or to even buy enough food for the children to be well fed. It has been a struggle.

Please inquire how you might help by simply playing a game with the children or offering your skills in English or other subjects to our adult learners. With your help, the Naath Community Development Center in Cairo can continue to serve this refugee community until the time
when it is safe and feasible for these Southern Sudanese people to reclaim their homeland.  Thank you for your consideration, volunteering a little time each week makes a very big difference for these displaced children and their families. Even if you have no time to offer the center, please consider lending material or monetary support to the NCD in Cairo, and know that you have made a world of difference in the lives of this sustainable, refugee community. Please contact Bayak Chuol Puoch.





Naath Cairo Counter

Personal stories from Naath (names changed to protect confidentiality):

They are 3-5 years old. Their mothers work from 8:00am-7:00pm at night. Often, mothers cannot find other people to care for their children. Without Naath Community Development Center Daycare, mothers could not work, and the child would not have anywhere safe to go while the mother works. If the mother does not work, they will not be able to afford food for the family or rent, which will leave them starving and homeless.

With Naath Community Development Center, mothers can go to work safe in the knowledge that their children will be well-cared for by members of their own Sudanese Refugee community.