ONE OF THE DONATION: Below are some examples of what Naath Community Development requires to continue. Please feel free to provide your own suggestions. You are also welcome to provide an amount of your choosing that can go towards the continuation of Naath Community Development (eg: rental and electricity costs, food for children during daycare hours) or other such needs.

For $10USD you can provide Naath Community Development Center with:


A chair for a child attending the center. 

 Paper that can be used by both children attending the daycare center as well as during adult education classes


Marker pens that can be used by the adult education classes 


General stationery that can be used by both the adult education classes and the day-

Care center staff.



For $20 USD you can provide the centre with:


A hand-carved wooden toy. This toy is made by the Vocational Training Center for the Deaf, a charitable organization that provides employment for deaf people in Cairo.


Clothing that can be used by children at the daycare center


Contributions for food for the children at the daycare center




For $50USD you can provide the center with:


Contributions for food for children and day-care workers at the day-care center 


Furniture for the center that can be used by both adults and children


A whiteboard for the class-room that can be used by the daycare center, the pre-school and the adult education service


ُEducational books that can be used in the Childcare center as well as for introductory Adult Education


For $100 you can provide the center with:


Textbooks for the adult education service that can be used by students and teachers. This additional education will enable a Sudanese refugee a better opportunity for future employment and resettlement.


Bedding that can be used by the day-care center. The daycare center currently provides services to children aged between 8months and 5 years old.  At present they do not have a safe place to rest at the Center.


Contributions towards Childcare Training for the child-care workers

Contributions towards training for the Teachers in the adult education service

The amounts and items shown in the examples above are suggestions that you may choose to follow. Please feel free to provide your own amount. Other items that Naath requires are, however Naath is open to other suggestions from you:

Copy machine

Copy paper



School furniture

Sports equipment

If you choose not to specify how you wish your donation to be spent, Naath will use it for general running costs of the service (such as rent, food for the children, electricity and water bills, etc.).

Naath Cairo Counter

Personal stories from Naath (names changed to protect confidentiality):

They are 3-5 years old. Their mothers work from 8:00am-7:00pm at night. Often, mothers cannot find other people to care for their children. Without Naath Community Development Center Daycare, mothers could not work, and the child would not have anywhere safe to go while the mother works. If the mother does not work, they will not be able to afford food for the family or rent, which will leave them starving and homeless.

With Naath Community Development Center, mothers can go to work safe in the knowledge that their children will be well-cared for by members of their own Sudanese Refugee community.