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The plight of Sudanese refugees in Cairo is becoming desperate, as some are driven to suicide to escape their tragic existence. Despite the physical and financial help and support from individuals and organizations to the Naath Community Development Centre, they urgently need funds to carry on with their work.


There are approximately 26 thousand Sudanese refugees living in Cairo without adequate access to housing, education or health care displaced by the ongoing violent conflict in the Sudan. The Naath Community Development Centre of Cairo opened its doors in 2008. In the beginning, members of the different Sudanese communities pooled their sparse resources in order to provide counseling and educational services to their fellow Sudanese refugees.


Education was chosen as a target to improve communication within the Sudanese communities, to foster cooperation with Egyptians and to provide refugee children with a basic education. Counseling was provided in an attempt to reduce a sense of despair and to help people to think positively about their future and keep hope that the day would come when they could return to Sudan. Six years later, and the Naath Centre has endured daily struggles to serve not just Sudanese, not just Christians or Muslims, but all refugees seeking asylum in Cairo.


The word Naath in the South Sudanese Nuer language means “all the people of the world” and in keeping with their name the Naath Community Development Centre welcomes everyone in need. The centre is actively seeking people in the Cairo area to assist their mission to provide quality care to their Sudanese refugee community’s children and offer education in the form of night classes to their parents and other adult members. Due to recent events and the political climate in Egypt, our community has been at times unable to accomplish these missions due to a lack of funds to pay caregivers for the children and teachers for the adults, or to even buy enough food for the children.


It has been a struggle. Their objectives is to help the community to avoid incidents such as children being isolated inside locked buildings, some killing themselves by gas, and some dying by throwing themselves from balconies. This affected the entirely community. To prevent this needs commitment from the community leaders and those who have sympathy with humanity. Parents, who don’t work, bring their children to the centre without food from 8am until 5pm and sometimes 8pm.


The mission evolved as they served more and more of the thousands of Sudanese refugees. Today, a team of day care workers, adult and child educators, and a board of directors made of all refugees have expanded their services to include day care for small children aged 3-5 to keep them off the streets and well cared for by members of their own Sudanese refugee community.


Unfortunately, Naath Community Development is now facing extreme funding shortages, which leaves their lifesaving work without a means to continue. They are appealing to the global community for immediate financial and material assistance to help cover increasing costs of rent, nutritious food and clean water, plus monthly payments for the workers that have dedicated their time and expertise for the good of this community without pay. The boards of directors and executive director have never taken money for the assistance they provide…and this will not change. Naath Community Development Centre is a non-profit organization that cares deeply about the plight of people taking refuge in Cairo. Without your help, they will not only risk losing their facilities, but will leave an entire Sudanese refugee community without crucial resources needed for their survival; life in Egypt is harsh for these refugees and food is difficult to find.


They deeply appreciate your donations at this critical point for the Naath Community. Please do not hesitate to contact them with any questions about the great people that work at Naath, the essential services they provide, and the material support that the children they care for require to live healthy and fulfilling lives. You can contact them by email at [email protected] , or check out the website at or come by the centre if you are in Cairo at 126 Ahmed Zaky Street Hadayek El Maadi, Cairo. They are anxious to hear from you and are grateful for any support you may be able to give them in their continuing mission to serve the Naath community. Thank you.



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As a result of the Egyptian Revolution against the previous ruling regime which took place in January and February 2011, most of the foreigners living in Cairo and the rest of Egypt left the country due to the instability and as advised by their respective embassies as a safety precaution.


Consequently, many Sudanese refugees lost their jobs and were forced to stay at home without any opportunity to get or access new employment which would enable them to support their families with food and daily life needs and requirements.

This critical situation, by one way or another seriously affected the children of these Sudanese refugees as they, through lack of food developed are being forced into a state of hunger and near starvation.

Nonetheless, the adults themselves also started to face great difficulties in buying the much food and paying the rent of their homes due to lack of money as helpless refugees. Even many of them became homeless as they could not pay the rental fees or find any means to do so.


At this junction, as it is very clear and obvious, an urgent humanitarian situation has emerged and it requires urgent intervention by the humanitarian agents and good hearted persons in order to minimize this hazard and relieve these heavy burdens from the victimized Sudanese refugee families and their children.

In fact they are in great need of substantial support in the form of relief basic food items as follows: Macaroni, Flour, Sugar, Oil, Milk, Tea, Tomato paste, Salt, Dried Lentils, Rice, Beans, Onions and Potatoes, Pastas or any other food items. All are most welcome to visit our center and are free to contact us at anytime to make donations and all will be distributed within the Sudanese Refugee community whose children are cared for at Naath Community Development in Maadi, Cairo. We thank you in advance for your kindness and support.




Naath Cairo Counter

Personal stories from Naath (names changed to protect confidentiality):

They are 3-5 years old. Their mothers work from 8:00am-7:00pm at night. Often, mothers cannot find other people to care for their children. Without Naath Community Development Center Daycare, mothers could not work, and the child would not have anywhere safe to go while the mother works. If the mother does not work, they will not be able to afford food for the family or rent, which will leave them starving and homeless.

With Naath Community Development Center, mothers can go to work safe in the knowledge that their children will be well-cared for by members of their own Sudanese Refugee community.